Microsoft Office 365 Reseller and Implementation

Microsoft Office 365

Why should you use Office 365 for Business?

  1. Office 365 will centralize your Emails, Contacts, Calendar, Notes and Tasks across multiple devices (iPhone, Android, newer Blackberry, PC, Mac, Tablet and iPad) and are all synced automatically. Benefits of this include:
    • Reading or deleting an email on one device will be reflected on all other connected devices.
    • Sending an email from one device will now show in sent items on all connected devices. No more searching multiple devices for the sent email.
  2. Users can share Emails, Contacts, Calendar, Notes and Tasks with other people in your office.
  3. Users can use Office 365 portal via Internet Explorer to view emails as well as create a Word or Excel document.
  4. Use One Drive for Business to centralize all your office and personal files in the cloud. No need to have a separate Dropbox or other type of cloud account.
  5. Various packages exists depending on user and office need.
  6. Call NIS to help plan and implement Office 365 for Business.